Crucial win against Graz!

Todays game was very important, both the iClinic Bratislava Capitals and Graz needed points to get an advantage. Our team started well with Maxime Fortier putting us ahead, it was Graz who evened the game and even went ahead with 1-2. A strong will, fighting mentality managed to put us even and in a good spot for the final hustle. The CAPS take down Graz with a team effort,4-2!

Goals: Maxime Fortier (Filip Ahl, Dávid Buc), Milläri (Schiechl), Cameranesi(Alagic), Maxime Fortier (Ryan Culkin), Miloš Bubela (Sacha Guimond, Michel Miklík), Mitch Hults (Martin Chovan, Brock Higgs)

Intermediate Round

1. Dornbirn Bulldogs -12bodov

2. iClinic Bratislava Capitals -12. bodov

3. Moser Medical Graz99ers -7. bodov

4. EC GRAND Immo VSV -7.bodov

5. Steinbach Blackwings 1992 – 6.bodov

6. HC TIWAG Innsbruck Die Haie – 4.body