Days like this happen in ice hockey…

A hard day came to a close with a 6-1 defeat in Klagenfurt. Our trip to Klagenfurt started with a unpleasant delay at the border with Austria due to COVID-19 precautions, the game was postponed to 18:30.

The first period of the game was definitely our strongest of the day, the subsequent two are something to forget and learn from. The iClinic Bratislava Capitals created fair chances, it was just Miloš Bubela who managed to score from our team, the assist came from Čajkovič.

Goals: 15. Tičar (Postma, Fraser), 22. Postma (Tičar, Petersen), 30. Strong (Petersen, Schumnig), 37. Koch (Geier, Steffler), 49. Ganahl (Postma), 51. Postma (Petersen, Koch) – 27. Bubela (Čajkovič).

Officials: Bulovec, Zrnič – Miklič, Zgonc

KACDahm – Schumnig, Strong, Postma, Unterweger, Vallant, Steffler, Hammerle, Kernberger – Haudum, Koch, Fraser – Petersen, Ticar, Ganahl – Obersteiner, Hundertpfund, Bischofberger – Sticha, M. Geier, S. Geier

iClinic Bratislava Capitals: Baroš (41. Coreau) – Culkin, Bohunický, Finn, Guimond, Romančík, Šedivý, Boldižár – Hudec, Hults, Ahl – Čajkovič, Bubela, Lapšanský – Fortier, Higgs, Faith – Bezák, Buc, Šalka

The iClinic Bratislava Capitals have a new chance to fight for victory 12.1.2021. We will face the Steinbach Blackwings at 19:15. Please note due to a logistical change, we will play as the “home” team in Linz