Great start, poor finish

The iClinic Bratislava Capitals lost a game they were leading. It almost felt at 2:0 that Jakub Sedláček will pull himself before the headcoach takes him the off ice. Two periods later the score was different and the outcome something we did not want.

iClinic Bratislava Capitals – EC Grand Immo Villach 3:5 (3:2, 0:1, 0:2)
2. Buc (Fortier, Hudec), 2. Higgs (Bubela), 14. Bubela – 4. Mangene (Pollastrone, Fraser), 15. Gill (Kosmachuk), 40. Caron (Hrabal), 42. Caron (Gill), 57. Maxa (Fraser, Krastenbergs).

Officials: Hronský, Smetana – Durmis, Gato

In the next game of the intermediate round the Capitals will travel to Innsbruck to face the Sharks. Game starts on Sunday at 19:15 and despite Valentines day, no love will be lost between Innsbruck and the iClinic Bratislava Capitals.