No points gained in Linz

The home team from Linz was the better team today we must admit. The Capitals managed to create chances, all ended at the hands and feet of Denis Kickert. A few times luck helped the home goalie, but overall we must say that we lacked speed, toughness at the boards. Our team needs to take an example for the games against Dornbirn from Linz. The home team played hard, simple and fast. It´s time to train, regain momentum and go hard at the Bulldogs to keep our position in the table.


Linz: Kickert – Roach, Bartulis, Dorion, Piche, Beaudoin, Kragl, Leiler, Matzka – Umicevic, Hytonen, Lebler – Meija, Pelletier, Yan – Neubauer, Brucker, Karppinen – Mitsch, Pusnik, Bretschneider

iClinic Bratislava Capitals: Coreau – Carson, Bohunický, Chovan, Culkin, Romančík, Guimond, Boldižár – Bubela, Hults, Ahl – Miklík, Higgs, Faith – Fortier, Buc, Hudec – Šmída, Bezák, Köver