Point from Villach!

The iClinic Bratislava Capitals as of current lead the intermediate round table! Before analyzing the standings, our game today in Villach was a fine-tuning/where do we stand fixture. While Villach played for a playoffs life-line, the iClinic Capitals gave a “free” day to Jared Coreau or the team captain Dávid Buc.

Villach started out strongly going ahead with goals from Pollastone and Kosmachuck. But as again, the CAPS deleted a two goal fallback by Brock Higgs and Michal Mrázik. The game was on the verge again of the team from Bratislava taking it home. In overtime Fraser used a small mistake of the CAPS defense and won the extra life-line for EC GRAND VSV Villach.

1-0 Pollastone (Collins, Fraser)
2-0 Kosmachuk (Schmidt, Gill)
2-1 Brock Higgs (Maxime Fortier, Miloš Bubela)
2-2 Michal Mrázik (Sergei Kostitsyn, Ladislav Romančík)
3-2 Fraser (Collins, Gill)

Villach: Sedláček – Hrabal, Fraser, Wolf, K. Schmidt, Bacher, Zauner, Brunner – Mangene, Collins, Pollastrone – Kosmachuk, Gill, Caron – Ulmer, Maxa, Kornelli – Urbanek, Feldbaumer, Tschurnig 

CAPS: Baroš – Carson, Guimond, Chovan, Boldižár, Romančík, Ďurkech – Fortier, Hults, Bubela – Mrázik, Higgs, Kostitsyn – Bezák, Šmída, Hudec


  1. iClinic Bratislava Capitals- 22 Bodov
  2. Dornbirn Bulldogs- 21 Bodov
  3. EC GRAND VSV Villach- 18 Bodov
  4. Steinbach 1992 BlackWings Linz- 17 Bodov
  5. Moser Medical Grazzers- 13 Bodov
  6. HC TIWAG Innsbruck Die Haie- 11 Bodov