Shootout win in Dornbirn!

For a change today we will not talk about good dogs. Dornbirn is a strong opponent who came back despite being down by three goals! The Capials take a win in the shootout against Dornbirn.

During the shootout Jared Coreau proved to be a wall and Miloš Bubela just said “enough is enough and gave the home goalie no chance”. For the CAPITALS its time for a refreshing sleep before we take the Bulldogs on a walk again tomorrow at 18:45.


Michal Mrázik (Sacha Guimond, Dávid Buc)

Denis Hudec (Michal Mrázik, Martin Chovan)

Adam Bezák (Michal Mrázik, Roman Faith)

Mackenzie (Luciani, Rapuzzi)

Jevpalovs (Kokkila, Macierzynski)

Yogan (Luciani, Mackenzie)

Miloš Bubela (penalty shot)