The CAPITALS Will Be Strengthened by Maxim Čajkovič

BRATISLAVA – Maxim Čajkovič, the Slovak representative in the junior categories and the fresh prospect of the Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup winner will strengthen the iClinic Bratislava CAPITALS ice hockey.

”We are very glad we have gotten such a young and quality Slovak player. Max has been the only Slovak player drafted to the NHL over the past year, when the Tampa Bay Lightning club drafted him from the overall 89th place in the 3rd round. Together with the Val-d´Or Foreurs club we have agreed on his hosting until the moment, when the preparation in his Canadian club begins, whereby he will play in the Saturday match against Salzburg.  The Tampa Bay organization is very thankful to us that Max will be able to acquire gameplay experience among seniors from the quality ICE Hockey League,” said the vice-president and general manager Dušan Pašek.

The iClinic Bratislava CAPITALS players had their premiere in this competition on Sunday, when in their home match they lost to the Vienna Capitals team 2:7. The next weekend they will have matches in Salzburg (Saturday 10/3) and Innsbruck (10/4).