We did it! Playoffs!

The iClinic Bratislava Capitals have managed it, we have secured a playoffs spot! An amazing comeback in Graz put is in the creme de la creme of the ICE Hockey League. ICE Hockey is not easy, after a comeback at home against Linz, our team managed to turn the tide against Graz! Down by 2 and we still managed to win, only BIG teams can do this!


1-0 Kainz

2-0 Latta

1-2 Hults(Fortier, Kostitsyn)

2-2 Mrázik(Buc, Bohunický)

2-3 Fortier(Higgs)


How does it work?

The winner of the “pick round”, Bolzano gets to choose its opponent for the playoffs. The iClinic Bratislava Capitals await who will choose them as their opponent for the Playoffs. The game system is simple, best of 7 with a continuous overtime…