We Have Brought Back Our First Victory from Our Weekend Trip

The iClinic Bratislava CAPITALS players have completed their first trip over the last weekend – a trip to several matches abroad – and they have brought back their first victory in the ICE Hockey League. The next one is awaiting us on October 10, which is a home match against Dornbirn Bulldogs.

Goals: 13. Rauchenwald (Lamoureux), 26. Peterka (M. Huber, Joslin), 48. Rauchenwald (Heinrich, Chorney), 53. Baltram (Varejcka), 55. Heinrich (Hughes, Schofield) – 6. Higgs (Hults). Rozhodovali: Piragič (Croatia), Zrnič (Slovenia) – Northegger, Seewald (Austria), penalties: 4:12 for 2 mins, power plays: 3:0, short-handed: 1:0, 1,400 spectators.

Salzburg: Lamoureux – Chorney, Heinrich, Schreier, Joslin, Pallestrang, Viveiros, Feldner, Jakubitzka – Hughes, Schofield, Raffl – Peterka, Rauchenwald, Schütz – M. Huber, Varejcka, Baltram – Hochkofler, Pilloni, P. Huber

Bratislava Capitals: Baroš – Sloboda, Bohunický, Guimond, Chovan, Šedivý, Romančík, Boldižár – Miklík, Bubela, Ahl – Čajkovič, Hults, Higgs – Lapšanský, Suja, T. Varga – Buc, Hudec, Šalka – Faith

In the first match against EC Red Bull Salzburg our team began swiftly and quickly got into the lead thanks to Higgs. However, we got the compensating goal when we were short-handed (after a spectacular pass of the goalkeeper Lamoureux) and the score did not change in the first third of the match. The judges started acting up in the second and final third, when they gave a total of 12 penalties to the CAPITALS players, whereby in two cases, two players have gotten a penalty at the same time, so the Salzburg team player 5 to 3 power plays, both of which they have used. More telling than the 5:1 score was the ratio of penalties 4:12.

The iClinic Bratislava players did not succeed even in their second outing in the national Ice Hockey League. In the Saturday match of the 3rd round, they have lost to the Austrian EC Red Bull Salzburg team 1:5 in their hometown. The Canadian attacker Brock Higgs shot the only goal of the guests. The Bratislava players collected in the match a total of twelve two-minute penalties and they got tree goals while short-handed. The team of the trainer Rostislav Čada is still waiting for its first points, as they lost to the Vienna Capitals team 2:7 a week ago on their home ice. Originally, the opening match was supposed to be played against Bolzano, but it had to be cancelled due to several positive tests in the Italian team. Their upcoming match is on Sunday, October 4, at 17:30 on the ice of HC TWK Innsbruck.

The Capitals, with a line-up including Čajkovič, had to defend themselves in the opening minutes and M Huber from the home team did not use a good chance to open the score. After the guests sustained the initial pressure of Salzburg, they got courageous in their attack and took the lead in the 6th minute. After a pass from Hults, Higgs hit the puck and with luck, it passed between Lamoureux’ leg guards – 0:1. In the 9th minute, Miklík shot from a promising position, but Lamoureux handled his shot and the subsequent shots. The home team answered in the 13th minute, when the Salzburg’s goalkeeper, while short-handed, pushed out Rauchenwald and he overcame Baroš from his pass.

In the second third, the Slazburg players stepped up their game and in the 26th minute they scored their second goal thanks to Peterka, who after a pass from M. Hubert, scored in a single shot in the upper right corner of Baroš’ goal. The Capitals had a problem with the speed of the home players and often they had to help themselves with illegal interventions. This result in the fact that in the subsequent minutes, they often played only in four. However, Baroš presented his art while short-handed and he was even aided by the frame.

At the beginning of the final third, the Bratislava players started at three and the home team utilized their double power play thanks to Rauchenwald. Subsequently, the guests were unable to stop Salzburg in their game. They got the fourth goal in the 53rd minute from Baltram and Heinrich increased to 5:1 in the 55th minute. In the end, Miklík tried to score in a power play, but he was not able to get the puck behind Lamoureux’ back. (sportky.sk)

HC TWK Innsbruck – iClinic Bratislava Capitals 2:3 pp a sn (2:2, 0:0, 0:0 – 0:0, 0:1)

Goals: 1. Sideroff (Girard, Gerlach), 8. Gerlach (Sideroff, Kromp) – 6. Bohunický (Bubela, Ahl), 16. Hults (Guimond), rozh. nájazd: Bubela. Decide: Rohatsch (Germany), Virta (Finnland) – Tschrepitsch (Austria), Pardatscher (Italy), penalties: 7:6 for 2 mins, power plays: 0:2, short-handed: 0:0, 985 spectators.

HC TWK Innsbruck: Swette – Saucerman, Racine-Clarke, Lattner, Danielsen, Jaunegg, Wetzelsberger – Gerlach, Girard, Sideroff – Winkler, Ciampini, Herr – Paulweber, Kromp, Mader – Jennes, Hochfilzer, Muigg

iClinic Bratislava Capitals: Baroš – Bohunický, Sloboda, Guimond, Chovan, Šedivý, Romančík, Nemčík – Ahl, Bubela, Miklík – Higgs, Hults, Čajkovič – T. Varga, Suja, Lapšanský – Hudec, Buc, Faith – Šalka

In their second match on Austrian soil within 24 hours, the iClinic Bratislava CAPITALS players have shown discipline, will and character. After a quickly received goal, they were able to relatively quickly answer, which repeated itself a second time still in the first third. In the subsequent two thirds and overtime the qualities of the Swette and Baroš goalkeepers came to shine, so the victor had to be decided in a shootout. In it, Miloš Bubela and the CAPITALS displayed their cold-bloodedness, thus they can rejoice from their premier victory in the ICE Hockey League.

The iClinic Bratislava Capitals players saw their first victory in the third match in the International Ice Hockey League. In the Sunday match of the 4th round, they triumphed on the ice of the Austrian HC TWK Innsbruck team 3:2 after overtime and shootout. Miloš Bubela made the decisive shot.

Innsbruck had an excellent entry into the match and it took the lead in the 18th second, when Sideroff was successful after a pass from Girard – 1:0. However, they were in lead only until the sixth minute, when the Capitals were in power play, in which Bohunický scored – 1:1. Two minutes later, the score changed again. They elite formation again put pressure on the guests; Sideroff found Gerlach with his pass and he overcame Baroš. The Bratislava players answered to this goal as well and in the 16th minute, during another power play, Hults scored a shot – 2:2. In the opening of the second third the game tempo decreased and both teams started relying on defense more, which was supported by good performances by both goalkeepers Swette and Baroš. The Capitals played their fourth power play of the match starting with the 32nd minute, but they lost it very quickly, since Ahl got a penalty for interference. Subsequently, Innsbruck got the advantage of a double power play, so they increased the pressure and had a couple of chances, but they were unable to score. None of the teams was able to score in the final third, so the duel went into overtime and since no goal was scored in the overtime either, the first triumph of the Capitals was decided by Bubela in the shootout. (sportky.sk)