Win against Linz!

The iClinic Bratislava Capitals take a big and important win against Steinbach Blackwings Linz! Jared Coreau came back to the Ondrej Nepela arena hoping to keep the winning streak of the Blackwings going. It was the Capitals who took control of the game with quick consecutive goals. Jamie Arniel and Luc Snuggerud bounced the CAPS to a two goal lead. Ideal is what we can call the comeback from Marc-Olivier Roy, after a beautiful solo he gave Coreau no chance in net.

Important win for the team and a mental boost for the next game in Klagenfurt.

Goals: Jamie Arniel(Luc Snugggerud), Luc Snuggerud(Samuel Fereta), Marc-Olivier Roy, Brian Lebler(Umicevic, Rumble)